hi friends, i'm Carlisha.

Being classy
Isn't a choice
Its a lifestyle

My passion for balloon art began back in November 2020 for my 29th birthday party! I've always been creative and found joy in decorating for events. As the years past I was excited to be able to provide balloon garlands for my family and friend's special event. My talent was much appreciated and I was encouraged to share my talent with others. As a result, Classy Touch Balloon Decor Launched in 2023!



grab & go garlands

Looking for something more unique? Our custom installs are created to exceed your expectations! They will consist of quality latex balloons in varying sizes!
All custom installs will be delivered

Our Grab &Go Garlands are perfectly designed like our custom installs but are more cost efficient! They will come fully assembled with the materials for you to hang it yourself in just minutes!
Available for pickup only

Color Chart

Don't see the exact color you need for your event? Custom colors is the way to go! We will double stuff balloons to get the exact match you need. Custom colors will be an additional $5/ft

Unsure what size garland? Take a look at our sizing chart below!

4 ft

6 ft

8 ft

12 ft

16 ft

20 ft

24 ft

30 ft

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